Framer Supply All-in-One Frame Hanging Kit includes Hangers, Wire, Hook & Screws

Framer Supply All-in-One Frame Hanging Kit includes Hangers, Wire, Hook & Screws

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Brand: F|S Framer Supply


  • Convenient Kit includes everything you need to hang a frame in one simple package. Each kit is individually wrapped meaning no digging through a drawer or plastic case looking for each piece.
  • Each Unit Includes: 4 feet #4 Braided Steel Picture Frame Wire, 2 #6 3/8 inch Pan Head Philips Screws, 2 Triangle ring hangers, 1 30lb Rated Goodwill Wall Hanger.
  • Strong, Durable, and Reliable making these kits perfect for Professionals, Artists, Homeowners, and Renters since wall hanger leaves only small pinhole.
  • Metal hanging wire is easy to cut, so you can customize for any size frame up to 40" wide.
  • Perfect for Wood Frames, Mirrors, Photographs, and many more wall decorations.

Details: Framer Supply offers the finest in picture hanging hardware. Our All-in-One picture hanging sets are no exception. Crafted to meet the demanding needs of professional framers, our hangers are sure to support all your art, photographs, and special memories. Using the included screws, and picture wire you can attach the hardware to a variety of items, anything you need to hang! Hangers can also be used in conjunction with stainless, or coated picture wire, such as SoftStrand (not included). Just remember, each item you use should be rated to hold the weight of your item. Framer Supply brings you the best quality and best selection in framing supplies.

Please Note: Maximum Support is only an estimate. Many factors can contribute to how much these hangers can support, including the angle of the hanger and the material of the item being hung. The stated maximum is a conservative estimate, and while you may find that this weight can be greatly exceeded, no warranty is granted or implied.

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