Framer Supply Professional Drafting Cleaning Pads

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Brand: F|S Framer Supply


  • Remove mistakes, smudges, and smears from your artwork, mat board, or drawing board with ease; finely powdered gum eraser.
  • You won't worry about damaging your artwork, mat boards, or drawing board because of the soft fabric. And its only 1.5 ounces, using this will be a piece of cake.
  • This is also ideal for cleaning your drawing tools without the fear of damaging them.
  • You never need to wash the cloth because of the powered gum eraser infused within the cloth.

Details: Keep your workstation clean of eraser and pencil shavings, dirt, and dust with our dry cleaning pad. With its soft fabric with finely powdered gum eraser, your work and tools will not get damaged.

Compare to Alvin brand pad, same quality! Why pay more?

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